Shenandoah Valley

Shenandoah Valley

At Capon Springs & Farms, you can explore 4,700 acres of breathtaking scenery, feast on farm- fresh eggs and delicious baked goods prepared on-site daily; or rejuvenate with healing spring water throughout the resort – and truly have fun with the whole family!

Capon Springs in West Virginia is an all-inclusive mountain resort where you can completely relax – less than two hours from DC, conveniently located 20 minutes west of the Rt. 81 corridor near Strasburg, VA. It’s built like a resort, run like a camp and cared for like a B&B.

For over 85 years, the Austin family has maintained a casual, comfortable atmosphere with a variety of lodging options within a 115-room capacity. As third generation family member Jonathan Bellingham describes it, “Here you can truly relax, recharge and rediscover your best self. After a Capon stay, you re-enter your everyday life with a fresh start. The Capon experience provides a taste of life as carefree as a child– where positive peer experience helps to build a community of trust and caring that allows strangers to become life-long friends. ”

Asked what sets Capon Springs apart from other places, Bellingham said, “The water’s history can be traced through the American experience itself– from the country’s founding, western expansion, through the Civil War, industrial revolution and world wars to the present day. Capon water has been a constant source of healing and rejuvenation as it flows throughout the entire resort, including our Hygeia Bath House & Spa.

“The general physical layout is also unique,” Bellingham continued, “as the grounds were set up like a small village, almost campus like– so everything is close and within walking distance. The daily traditions like flag raising, music in the trees and a dinner bell calling you to meals create a timeless nostalgia for a place that doesn’t change. The freedom to play combined with the large variety of outdoor activities means it is a haven for kids of every age. And most importantly, being taken care of by a family vs. a corporation creates a real tangible feeling of belonging so that most folks consider Capon their “home away from home.” Sometimes, even marriages have resulted between owners, guests and co-workers!”

Capon Springs & Farm opens for the April 20th—we asked if anything new or special was planned. Bellingham told us, “Yes! Come join us for a day sample during one of our two open houses on April 22nd and 29th. If you are looking for the best overnight rates, then come for our special $99 per person in late April and early May. This spring we feature some of our best new events like a hickory golf tourney, May 18-20 and a farm to table experience, June 15-17.”

Capon Springs and Farms has a number of videos up on Youtube—click on “Day in the life”  or “Sunset”  to learn more about this West Virginia getaway.